FAQ: Dark Obelisk 2: The Mondarian Elective (Pathfinder / 5E AP)
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I saw the KS for the first Dark Obelisk. Why are the pledge levels higher this time around?

DO1's KS was created with a 100-page-or-so project in mind. That ballooned to over 1,000 pages in development! Although I can't say for certain how big DO2 is going to be, it's definitely 500-1000 pages in length all-told. Also, I learned a great deal with DO1 about artwork commissions, layout, printing costs, and so on, and the new pledge levels reflect my desire to create a quality product for all backers. Last updated: Tue, Aug 30 2016 5:55 am EDT

What's the tone, theme, setting, like in this adventure? I can't tell from the description and pics.

Without venturing too deeply into spoiler territory,: At the end of Dark Obelisk: Berinncorte, the titular village lies in shambles, taken over and nearly consumed by forces of evil and chaos. Those few who survived the Obelisk Eruption are scattered and leaderless, with no hope of fighting back against the monsters that now walk the streets. In the wake of this tragedy, the PCs are tasked with gaining the aid of the nation of Druids who live to the north. The Druid Enclave has woes of their own, however: they have lost contact with the mining city of Mondaria. Upon arriving, the party finds a nearly-vacant city, torn apart by some unseen violence. Things look bleak and mysterious, and the PCs venture down into the dark murk of the mines to uncover the secret... Last updated: Tue, Aug 30 2016 9:04 am EDT

1,000 pages? Is that for the entire Adventure Path? What piece of all of this is this Kickstarter?

There are four books planned in the Dark Obelisk Adventure Path. Dark Obelisk 1: Berinncorte is available now on rpgnow.com. Dark Obelisk 2: The Mondarian Elective is the project represented in this Kickstarter. Dark Obelisk 3 and 4 will each have their own KS initiative. DO1 was 1,000 pages, just on its own. I can't promise an exact pagecount for DO2, but 500-1000 pages seems likely. This project is already, I believe, the largest Adventure Path in existence--possibly 4,000 pages all told, when everything is said and done--though I'm the first to admit that quantity is not always quality! To answer the question, then: This Kickstarter is primarily in support of Dark Obelisk 2, the second book in a four-part series. Many pledge levels, however, also involve rewards including the first book. Last updated: Tue, Aug 30 2016 2:43 pm EDT

What level PCs are these adventures designed for?

Both DO1 and DO2 have been designed to support a wide range of challenge levels. With a thoughtful DM/GM and nearly zero additional effort, parties of Level 1 or Level 20 can be supported. Quadded Statblocks and Reward Stars are at the core of enabling this goal; check out the free introductions to these concepts using the links in the Campaign section of the KS. That said, each adventure has a "default" difficulty level. DO1 was designed for adventurers of 1st level, or thereabouts. DO2 is being designed for adventurers from 4th-6th level. Last updated: Wed, Aug 31 2016 9:59 am EDT

If a PC starts one of these adventures at Level 1, what would they end up being upon completion?

There's no one easy answer, here. It really depends on your gaming group: how thorough and micro-quest-y the players are, how ruthless the GM is, and more than anything else, the pace that the gaming group prefers. It's possible to complete the entirety of Dark Obelisk 1: Berinncorte in a single gaming session. Alternately, it could consume 5 or more such sessions. PCs starting it at Level 1 might just barely scrape together enough XP to advance to Level 2... or they might be 5th level, or beyond. Keep in mind: DO1 is a "grim sandbox", where the PCs can explore to their heart's content. As a general guide, it's worth noting that there are 76 quests, nearly all of which are completely optional; completing any 5-10 of these represents a level advancement, no matter what the current level of a PC is. DO2 will have a bit more of a central plot, and story, to follow, but supports a great deal of side-questing and optional plots. Last updated: Wed, Aug 31 2016 9:59 am EDT

Shipping Updates

Current Estimated Shipping Date: December 2016

This campaign contains dozens of products. Each will be created and published in sequence. Only Dark Obelisk 1 is complete currently. Delivery of products will commence in December 2016 with Dark Obelisk 1. Dark Obelisk 2 is expected to fulfill in March 2017. The complete timeline for all of the products will stretch into 2018. In January 2017, I will have specifics as to when to expect each individual product, and will post that information to the Kickstarter campaign for all to see.

Last Updated At: 11/08/16
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